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vodster Joede, Never give up. There is no question that the best way to get rich is to have a rich parent who can give you a leg up. But if you have the desire, and the will, you can improve your situation. I think Minority Mindset really captures a lot of it. A lot of people overspend, and Jaspreet spends a lot of his effort trying to convince them not to. But it's hard. I personally am an overeater, but eating and spending are similar in the sense that you can't go cold turkey -- you have to eat,... [ more ]
Joede Thank you so much for your help. I was looking at distressed properties in which I would be paying cash. I thought the money I had was enough but I see that there really is no way for poor people to get ahead. I have some stocks but I wanted to give my money an actual chance to grow for my children. A rental would give my children "passive" income and pass on to any potential grandchildren. My rent is 4 figures and is actually inexpensive for where I live. I tried to buy a home years ago... [ more ]
vodster Think before acting. Buying a property has a high frictional cost. You pay taxes to buy, and you pay commisions to realtors to sell unless you manage to sell yourself. Buying in another state is a huge hassle because when something goes wrong you have to pay someone else to deal with it. If you yourself are renting, you could buy a place to live in first. Unless the place you live is far cheaper to rent. If you are just getting started, the stock market is a more fluid way to build capital... [ more ]
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Welcome - Start Here & Introduce Yourself
Hey everyone!
Carlton Johnson Hi Everyone! I'm Carlton and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a recent subscriber to Minority Mindset and love what I see on the videos with Jaspreet. I own a small business consultancy and provide small business consulting services (think accountant on steroids), but interestingly enough I hold a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science and provide Reiki therapy to clients (not the business ones, of course šŸ˜). Looking forward to interacting with everyone. [ more ]
Annie Hi, and I'm Annie. My focus is on helping my children complete their education -- two are in college right now -- and set myself up for a comfortable retirement in about 10-12 years. [ more ]
blaise_89 šŸ‘
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