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Starting A Business/Side Hustles
Will this pandemic/reccession change job markets forever??
RyanM I think some will return to as they were but not all. It will vary by the demands of a given profession, individual work habits, and company culture. In my profession we found that not only could we work effectively remotely but our team was actually more efficient so my employer has already told us they plan on cutting back office space and keeping us remote. That leaves me wanting to do more to make my home office a better work environment. However there are no longer any tax breaks I am... [ more ]
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Starting A Business/Side Hustles
How has your Business/Side Hustle changed in 2020?
Steve Jason The proprietors of a company have restricted risk and the business has a different legitimate character from its proprietors. Source; Trademark Lookup California [ more ]
Lynn Lewis My online side hustle has grown 200% since about June. I sell on Print On Demand sites and none of the products are essentials, mostly home decor items. [ more ]
Kathryn D I have two side hustles, both of which are in-person (teaching Zumba classes and event photography). When the pandemic hit, I had to pivot to online Zumba classes (by donation) because my gym was not sponsoring me. For the photography business, I decided to temporarily close. I would like to move toward an online side hustle related to events, but haven't started that yet. [ more ]
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Starting A Business/Side Hustles
What do you think is the best job you can do from home that takes little experience?
Nathan_Gregory Definitely @Karan S , agreed, it's especially an interesting time right now for that because people are discovering new interests and talents that they didn't know they had before. It's going to be interesting to see a lot of these big industries adapt to the times and establish permanent work-from-home positions. [ more ]
Karan S I think it's important to self-evaluate our interests if you're looking for an income source that takes as little experience as possible. For example, we all have certain interests, and most of the time we are doing these things on a daily basis already. It's just a matter of realizing a way to utilize our interests to generate an income. If you spend 3 hours a day reading and writing - can you figure out a way to get paid to read and write? Maybe you could reach out and become a contributor... [ more ]
Nathan_Gregory @German e-commerce is definitely booming right now, and the opportunities are endless. What industries do you think might outlive the pandemic, and that you will make a comeback sometime soon? [ more ]
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