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What do you think are the best books to help someone master their money?
Travis I know it is not a book, but I think the first 4 videos of this series do a great job to explain what money is: and Minority Mindset's Youtube channel will get you the rest of the way. [ more ]
Nancy Did I miss it in the reply but Jim Cramer’s Mad Money [ more ]
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Book Club
"Money Make **it Happen"
Melissa Haley There are lots of ways to learn which gives you more information as we get in books, but a book like Wikipedia help us much more than a paper book, Some of us look for the service of how make a Wikipedia page for your business ? you know why because we want to promote our business but in a professional way [ more ]
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Book Club
If you had a chance to ask the author of your favorite money management book, what would you ask and why?
Wiki Contributors Any book can give you the idea that changes your life, sometimes some celebrity did his or her Wikipedia Page Creation that attracts lots of people some of them decide to make their like them and then they start work on it [ more ]
Reven World-famous Authors are all on Wikipedia if we have anything to know about them we just need to click on google and type the best writer, we get the result but what about the writer who has written a beautiful book but nobody knows about them it is better to promote your work so you will get the best result, 1st look for custom Wikipedia page creation service , who can help you in the creation of your 1st Wikipedia page [ more ]
Landon Martin The question that I would most like to ask is just "What is one piece of information that you wish you could add to or remove from the book?". I know a lot of authors will often release new editions of their books to update the information to fit their current ideas, but it would be interesting to me to see how their ideas have changed over time. [ more ]
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Book Club
Anyone Read "Never Split the Difference" by C Voos
Wiki Page Maker No I didn't read that but it is in my list, I saw it on "Christopher Voss" Wikipedia page, and now you about to read to not, it's mean I must have to read it, Christopher did a great job by creating a wiki page, Create your own Wikipedia Page is the way by which we can reach people who are too far to reach us [ more ]
RP I got the audio book about 3 years ago. Chris is not narrating, but the narrator has a similar style of speaking as CV and does a good job. There are a lot of great tools in this book that you can use not only in negotiation but in every day life. It's not dense, but there's a lot in there, I find that I'm constantly referring back to ideas and concepts depending on my needs at the time. It's a great book and worth every penny! I would imagine the hard copy would be as good as the audio... [ more ]
Nef Ok, love the concise summary. Thanks for sharing @Steve . [ more ]
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Book Club
How many finance books do you read?
Debra Robertson Book are always the best way to get knowledge because creation of any book will take a long time to write and very deep research, so if your book related to the syllabus of any subject than you have to know how to make a Wikipedia page for your book and your self to make your work publish and your life too, so people will know who hard you work to finish this book [ more ]
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Book Club
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Nef Tithing: A great and much needed investment for sure. Amen! Nowadays with fractional investing when purchasing stock/ETF shares you don't need much. Every little counts and time is another factor that helps with growing your investment. If you don't follow up next year ... God bless your plans and if it is His will your fruits will be given unto you in abundance. Take care and keep moving forward. [ more ]
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