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We established that this company has writers who are skilled in many industries and can create many types of papers. They can help with any type of writing project.

Rewriting. Many students attempt to write essays on their own, but lose track of the process and become frustrated. Wow Essays will revise your essay if it is not complete, partially done, rejected, or sent for revision. You can keep your core ideas, but we will polish and expand on them.

Editing. While some students are proficient in writing, others need to improve their skills. This could be a problem with formatting, structure, ideas, or anything else. These issues can be fixed by this company to improve the essay's appearance.

Proofreading. People are often good at content writing and research but make many technical errors. Ask for proofreading if you are concerned about grammar, typos, and other accidental errors. You don't have to pay anything if you make mistakes.

Essay Samples. A sample is another important aspect of reviews. According to the website, there are 76 000 free essays. We were able to verify this claim. Many samples are listed alphabetically, and we were able to access them all. Each essay is free. However, they are not perfect which is a problem. Many of them have a flawed structure. There are too many paragraphs and incorrect citations. You could use them to get ideas but not rely on them completely.

Wow Essays could score 2 points for this part. It was awarded 1 point for all its positive aspects. However, samples can be flawed and could lead to students making incorrect decisions, so it earns 0.5 points.

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