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I am. (Well my wife and I)

Our short back story:

We aren't wealthy by any means. But, my wife and I were having a discussion and ultimately came to the conclusion that we both are on the same page with respect to not working until the US recommended retirement age of [65-67]. We are in the mindset that It doesn't make sense to potentially waste prime years of our lives working in hopes of enjoying retirement without the assurance we will have the necessary [health or wants]. We prefer to live off less and live as much as we can with what ever we got.

With that said, we have started to make minor moves (taking action & planning) to build some wealth / passive income that will subsidize our current 403(b) and  Pension in our later years. We aren't thinking we will make it to the millionaires club but we will try. Anything close to the 1M will be acceptable. We have approximately (10-12) years to hit any goals we set.

Below is our list of goals that will guide us to the path to our million.

1-Emergency Fund (done)

2-Invest in ETFs/Stocks (started this month)

3-Buy At least (1) rental property. (in the learning, educating and planning stages)

4-Focus on Growing my small business. (company is live, but needs more attention)

5-Write a Short-Stories series. (future plans-no date determined yet)

That's it. My mind has been recently cluttered so I have to slow down and figuring out what I should be focusing on now/next. At the end of it all, I am enjoying the process and the potential financial freedom I am striving for.

If you got this far in the reading, I thank you for your tenacity and your time.

Good luck on your personal journey.


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I too am also trying to retire early. I also do not want to wait till I am 65 to retire and not have the energy as I do now to get around and travel. I see you have a great list here. However, for me what has worked the best is real estate. This brings in passive income from 3 properties. I have paid one off at the end of last year. Now all profit. Even though I want to buy another one for me to live in, I do not think its a buyers market with the influx in prices. I will wait it out. With the next property I will live in the master and rent out the other 2 or 4 rooms to pay for my rent. As a side note, I am in the middle of trying to add a bedroom and bathroom at one property to raise the rent.

My plan is to have 3 rental properties pay for my primary residence.

Good luck!


@Riva951ie that is great. Based on what you've mentioned looks like you are on the right path. Good luck on the house hacking for your next purchase. Seems like a solid plan for your next investment.

Can you tell me a little on what type of property you purchased first and how you made the decision to go for it? Any challenges that were not foreseen? (any reply can be concise) I know it can be burdensome at times to type out the answers to some questions. 🙂



@Nef I first bought a single family home (all 3 are). Honestly I was more forced to buy this since I did not qualify for much  and having a truck payment did not help out either. However, my agent did recommend this area and the house value has gone up almost 300%! So in short, I qualified for so little and that was in my price range. This was in 2011 when I got the house for 83K =)


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