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I have been using M1 Finance for awhile now and have been very happy with it. I really like building the pie chart portfolio that the money will automatically divide between and invest in. I also like that M1 allows you to own fractional shares of a company so that all of your money can be immediately invested and you dont have to save up until you can buy a full share of a company. A couple downsides to M1 is that you dont have exposure to the full market because they only allow certain types of investments, and there is only one trading window a day so it would not be ideal for active investors (I am more of a passive investor so it doesn't really bother me). I also use Robinhood for some of my more active investments but most of the money that I have invested is in M1.


Ameritrade/Thinkorswim is clearly the best most reliable and successful platform.  The others either don't have enough tools or simply don't have the reputation worth joining on for.  Look at Robinhood whose main investor base is extremely novice and is known for days of server overload and awfull customer service.  Seriously the barriers to entry for low-end investing apps arent very much look at the 18-year-old kid who killed himself because of margin trading on robinhood.


I have M1 over a month now and have had Etrade for 6+ years.   I wish M1 was around when I started learning this field years ago, it so much funner being able to play with the big boys with only pennies to the dollar compared to the $$$ on each stock.  Etrade is a nice straight direct forum that is nicer now that I have put time into studying it.   


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