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The computer science field focuses on the study of computer hardware as well as software systems. A master's degree in the field can lead to many different careers and not only one in Silicon Valley. The growing utilization of technology in the business world has meant that businesses across a variety of industries are seeking graduates of computer science courses experts claim. This field offers exciting job opportunities for those who have an interest and aptitude in science and math.

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Computer Science Graduates' Salaries and Job Prospects

A job forecast of the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more jobs available for students of computer science. The forecast predicts that the employment of the fields of computer and information technology is projected to grow by 13 percent from 2020 to 2030. This is higher than the average growth expected for all occupations.

Information obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also indicates that certain careers for computer science graduates often yield six-figure earnings. For example, in the month of May in 2020 the average pay among computer and information science scientists was $126.830. Likewise, the median pay for Computer Network Architects was $116.780. Software developers, as well as quality assurance analysts and testers, typically also receive an excellent salary: Their median earnings in May 2020 were $110,140.

Reasons to Pursue a Computer Science Career

Individuals who do not have a real desire to learn about technology should not go after a degree in computer science due to the attraction of high pay, according to Sam Gavis-Hughson, director of the company and founder of Byte by Byte, a company that helps budding software engineers to prepare for interviews with big names like Amazon or Tesla. "I think that a lot of people are doing it for the money and not doing it because they enjoy programming," said Gavis-Hughson, who has an undergraduate education in the field of computer science at Princeton University.

The following jobs are ones that require a bachelor's education in computing science can be an important benefit:

  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence engineer
  • Business analyst
  • The Chief Information Security Officer
  • Cloud computing engineer
  • Computer scientist Professor
  • Computer scientist or researcher in computer science
  • Data scientist
  • The Administrator of the database
  • Engineering manager
  • Full-stack developer
  • An analyst in information security.
  • A specialist in information technology
  • Mobile application designer or developer?

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