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The majority of widely used and well-known technical languages, such JavaScript, C++, Python, etc., are text-based. The other extreme is represented by visual programmes, which use graphical elements rather than lines of code to implement their functions.

A programming language known as the visual programming language (VPL) makes use of graphics and figures to develop programmes. Within a programming context, VPL enables users to develop software programmes using visual expressions, spatial arrangements of text and graphic symbols, and icons.

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Traditional textual code is swapped out with a sequence of visually appealing items in VPL. The visual program's images or icons act as the program's input, activities, connections, and/or output. The use of visual programming in instruction is fantastic. Examples of visual programming languages are Visual Basic and Visual C++.

To build a computer programme, these languages offer a simple integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE offers a very simple and quick way for programmers to construct programmes. Scratch, a visual programming language developed by MIT with the goal of making programming more approachable and enjoyable for children, is an example of a programme made with VPL.

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The advantages of visual programming languages

  • These are simple to learn and use languages.

  • There are numerous built-in objects available in these languages that can be used for creating new programmes.

  • Using a mouse, the user interface may be readily built. The elements are positioned on the primary interface element, such as forms.

  • These elements are easily scalable and mobile.

  • The ability to attach code to any interface component is offered by these languages. When a user engages with an interface component, the connected code is run.

  • The visual applications are relatively simple for users to use.

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The disadvantage of  visual programming languages

  • These languages call for computers with more RAM, larger hard drives, and quicker processors.
  • Only graphical operating systems like Linux and Windows can support these languages.
  • Applications that use visuals run slowly.

Unfortunately, in its early phases, visual programming fell a little short of the promises it had made. They remain more important than ever, nevertheless. Visual programming may never be able to replace the superior textual programming languages because real-world issues require more flexibility than it can provide. However, low-code platforms are assisting in making coding simpler and more approachable for amateur developers. We discover that VPL is a crucial component of the industry and will never go out of style in contemporary software development.

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