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If you decide to order essay writing in our company, you should formulate a task for the author to avoid misunderstandings and read a custom writing review first. Essays can be of different types. For example, in many universities, it is customary to divide essays by content, by form of presentation, as well as by other basic parameters. Let's take a closer look at what types of essays are performed by our authors, and what are the fundamental differences in them.

So, let's start with the description of the essay by content.

A literary essay does not describe the author's biography or his or her creative path. This type of essay deals more with the author's attitude toward the field of study.

A philosophical essay fully describes the meaning of being within the subject area. It can talk about human life, about death, about finding the truth, about good and evil deeds and attitudes toward them. Here it does not matter at all what professional field the author of the essay belongs to. The main feature of such a work is the presence of a clearly expressed philosophical judgment, bordering on criticism of a certain problem.

The organizational and management essay is one of the most popular types of work. It is especially often used in management and management science. Such an essay evaluates a particular activity. It is quite possible that the author of the essay will be given certain evaluation criteria and according to these criteria he or she has to characterize the activities of an employee of a company or a whole operational area. This type of essay is written more in cases where it is impossible to express an evaluation by other methods. The purpose of such an essay is to identify critical problems in a certain area and take steps to eliminate them.

The scientific essay is often called a journalistic essay. Also, this type of essay can be called a scientific essay. Here, the characteristic features are free and relaxed manner of narration. You can even say that such an essay is a way of speaking out.

It is also possible to give another classification of essays:

  • Written (can be written to an employer, a colleague);
  • Narrative (written by students in relation to this or that phenomenon.And here can be used even fictional phenomena);
  • Descriptive (describes an object or person in order to create the reality of the image as much as possible);
  • Argumentative (description of an event or object based on the author's personal experience);
  • Role-based (describes a particular situation, as well as the reaction to it);
  • Abstract (summarized content of a large amount of data);
  • Diary (personal information);
  • Literary (description of some literary work).

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