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As the CEO of a company, you are unlikely to understand the complexities of programming languages. It is just not worth your effort to learn about their individual characteristics and compare hundreds of possibilities. However, when it comes to finalising the specifics for your next project, you must make a decision. That is why we have created this tutorial for you. We've discussed five of the most popular programming languages. There are also five honourable mentions. While the ultimate selection is dependent on the circumstances of your project, this list will undoubtedly assist in narrowing possibilities and making decision-making more realistic.

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Highly Demanded Programming Languages


There are currently 1.9 billion webpages on the Internet. And 95 percent of them make use of JavaScript in some form.

Turning off JavaScript access in your web browser can cause various webpages and online apps to crack and appear dull and drab. This is due to the fact that JavaScript maintains the web's interaction.

Furthermore, developers enjoy it since it is straightforward to learn and master. You may begin with no coding skills and yet be able to design something amazing using only JavaScript. Businesses will never have to struggle to locate capable JavaScript developers again.

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The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a language that is used to organise text and material on the internet. HTML may not be able to achieve much in terms of look on its own. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can help with this. CSS, which is primarily used in combination with HTML, controls the colour, font, and position of the components.

While both languages are simple to learn, it is difficult to construct a modern website/application/program with only these two.

That is why developers often specialise in many languages. However, when hiring a programmer for your development project, make sure they check the HTML and CSS boxes.


Python is a beginner-friendly and understandable language that is free and open-source, with a strong community support. Python, a programming language for online and desktop applications, also provides user-friendly data structures and simple web server connectivity.

Python is also supported by a large library. Python is the language that can be utilised for even the most complicated demands, according to corporate decision-makers. It is, in fact, the most widely used platform for machine learning and deep learning applications.

Another advantage of Python is its interactive nature, which makes it simpler to develop, test, and debug. It implies less time spent on coding and a faster time to market for your company. Python developers are in high demand, since it is the second most popular programming language among the developer community.

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The distinction between Java and JavaScript, according to the official Java website, is that the former is an object-oriented programming language, whilst the latter is an object-oriented script.

The real-world distinction between the two is that JavaScript code is written in text and requires just machine interpretation. Java, on the other hand, requires compilation. However, this does not make Java any less popular or valuable.

The main feature of Java is its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities. This general-purpose programming language may thus be utilised on any platform. Consider the following from a business standpoint. Your Java software can run as easily on a supercomputer as it does on a standard Android/iSO smartphone. Java may also be used for Big Data applications.

Hiring a really qualified Java developer means you can have an application written for potentially every device in the world.

However, because Java is a difficult language to master, you should do a comprehensive search.

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Structured Query Language (SQL) is a database management and manipulation language. It is used by developers to discover and retrieve data from a database. It may also be used to add, alter, or delete records.

It is, however, a domain-specific language built primarily for data management within RDBMS (relational database management system).

SQL is used for database administration, providing sales reports, and company management. It is also incredibly functional, making it ideal for working with smaller datasets.

It is also the third most popular programming language, with 54.7 percent of developers using it.


Javascript and Typescript clearly dominate the developer employment market. Javascript and Typescript account for 30% of job offers that specifically requested a programming language. This is significant since it means that roughly one out of every three job offers needed Javascript or Typescript skills.

Python and Java are the second and third most popular programming languages in 2022, with plenty of career opportunities. Java has surpassed Python in the previous month with a constant upward trend, therefore anyone who claims that Java is an outmoded programming language should rethink it.

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