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I would NOT place my money into M1, I have personal reason for it but it is up to you on how you want to diversity your money. 

It all depends on your goals, your age and when you want to retire.   It would be great to get advise on this.  Strategize a bit on what are your short and long term goals money wise.  Then you can start planning and deciding how you can place in non taxable vehicles for the long term. 


Thank you Maria, I am starting pretty late. Like most people I was not taught about money growing up. So I'm still learning a lot right now, I have had my 401 for a few years now and it is doing well but I have recently started investing in other avenues and wasn't sure if I should keep everything together or leave them in different accounts. Im just not trying to work till I'm 70, I have things to do. Haha.


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