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The pandemic has up-ended just about every aspect of normal daily-life, from finances to investing.  We've seen the craziness on Wall Street, buy what I want to know is this:  Are you investing in real estate right now, or are you planning on waiting until after the pandemic?  Why or why not? 🤔

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Hello All,

My family was flipping before flipping was considered flipping so its something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve heard many mention another housing market crash so I’m using this time to learn and study all I can so hopefully when the market prices go down I can make some good deals.



Hello! I am currently waiting during these weird times. It seems to be more of a seller market, hence why I am holding off. During this time, I am focusing on paying off one rental property and also saving up to buy the 4th for me to live in when things cool down a bit. I know Jaspreet also has a video on his IG stating that he is also holding off. Just does not make sense to buy right now depending on your goals. For me, it does not make sense.


Hi Nathan,

I am keeping an eye on the market and would make a move if the numbers/scenario fit, but I'm also being patient. There are still decent properties on the market now but you need to be informed, know your numbers and know what works for you. Be patient, because it is a seller's market and you don't want to be in over your head and spend too much. Best to wait it out and keep your eye out for the right one.


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