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Founded in 2013, Pixilart aims to become the social networking site for pixel art enthusiasts.

Pixilart is more than just a drawing app. It is marketed as a free online social platform for creative minds and game enthusiasts who want to learn how to create digital art.

The drawing app is a pleasure to use with a sleek and modern interface. It has all the basic features you would expect from a pixel art program, as well as some advanced tools like pixel-perfect drawing, easy dithering, frame animation, support for pixel text, screen mode entire, an autosave function, and much more.

With a plethora of settings and options, Pixelart is highly customizable to suit any workflow.

Despite being geared towards children and beginners, Pixelart is capable of doing professional work as well.

In fact some professional artists will love the simplicity of the design. And because of the social aspect of the application it is easy to find help for others.

In addition, there are tooltips that you can activate to guide your learning in case you have problems.

Overall I found Pixelart to be one of the most impressive pixel art web applications available. I highly recommend it for beginners and advanced users.

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