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I am one for those cliff hanger spenders, spending what I don't have

But here is the twist

I help people , I take care of my family

Thats why I do with my paycheck

So it justifies my spending right ???

I guess not cuz I have been working all my life and I don't have a savings or any investments

I have a pension plan and a life insurance but thats about it

Nothing liquid

And I am down to one source of income

So I am here to learn and I am open to advice and mentorship

I am also greiving so I'm using hurt to buy myself clothes and food  to feel better ðŸĪĶðŸ―â€â™€

Thank u for reading

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Hello @Jodiann

I would say... NO. That does not justify that. I understand you may have a kind heart to do this, but at the end of the day, you are hurting your future by the decisions you are making. I feel the easiest things to do is auto save what you can so you actually never do see that money. Start 401K and/or ROTH so that it is automatically taken out and you can legitimately say you cannot buy this/that for this person. Or at least, this will minimize what that number usually is. At the same time, you will be helping both parties.

Sorry for your loss. 



I am so sorry for your loss!  I can not even imagine the pain on top of the pandemic situation!  It is not difficult to get on a plan of action.  One step at at time.  May I suggest a simple spread sheet that outlines what you currently have and then determine how it is impacting your life style.  Then you can make some decisions based on ration and not emotion.  Let me know if you need help with that.  Sometimes, it helps to speak to someone about this that is not invested in your life.  You don't want someone in your circle to know your business.  I have been there so I can understand.  I hope this helps as a start. 


Thank you so much ,really appreciate it , as it stands I have nothing , paycheck to paycheck trying to find my balance

I'm working on it

I'm have decided to do my needs not my wants

I would buy stuff to make me happy but that happiness is short lived when I am broke again lol

So I made a decision to save my 15% a week

So one week at at a time I'm changing my bad habits


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