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I regret not taking financial acumen and planning more seriously. That means I didn't prepare my children either. I'd hate for them to become as financially lazy as I have become. I'm behind and I know it. I'm in my last year of being in my 50's. Is it too late for me to "invest" and help myself out when I  stop working for others in few years?  Your advice is welcome and appreciated

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Hello @Lonney

I feel that as long as you have come to that realization, you can for sure start anytime. It is never too late. I mean, if you do not start now, you will regret it even more when you cannot physically work anymore. I know they recommend the old you get, to be more conservative in your risk tolerance. Ultimately, that is your choice on the risk. Like the saying goes, High risk, high reward. Low risk, low reward. I say you go for it. 401k, index funds, ROTH, and self education to begin with.


Riva!!!  OMG! Person!  NO NO NO  you are in time to gather money from your work I am sure.  I have seen some vehicles and tools.  I know Minority Mindset (MM) has several suggestions that can help.  I also have some suggestions.

Do you have 401K, ROTH.... depending on how much you have there are vehicles you can use to move them to a non table status and have them grow.  Have you spoken to someone you can trust that is well versed in Financial Advising?  You can actually seek someone you feel comfortable with.  Let me know if you want to talk about it a bit.


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