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My recommendation would be to have it appraised and then sell it to either your friend or list it with a Realtor. If you sell it to your friend, which is totally your choice, they either have to come up with their own financing (like through a bank), or you would provide it, and there are other people that may help. No different than selling them your car.

Either someone gives them the money to give to you, or they make payments to you.

Also just because the Zestimate is a certain value does not mean that you can get that on the open market. Sometimes those Zestimates are low and sometimes high, see fine print...


Double check on the so-called savings with respect to the 'Agent Fee'. I stumbled on information that mentioned you truly don't or can't disregard this fee. It's somehow still part of the transaction.

Maybe someone with more intimate knowledge can chime in and give a much more clearer description and if this is true or not.

GLWS - And be careful with making an emotionally driven decision that may circle back to bite you.


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