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The purpose of  motivation letter writing service is to analyze market strategies based on the example of Omache Farm, a small family-run business started by two young university graduates. The food in the developed world is ceasing to be a commodity item and turning into the matter of a lifestyle choice, and even attitude to the environment. Therefore, marketing has to target the changed consumers’ demands. Omache Farm is a small enterprise, targeting a small market segment, which is their local.

Product differentiation appears to be the most successful marketing strategy for this business activity. Objective of such approach is to represent the products in a way that makes them unique and, hence, avoid competition on general grounds in the commodity-based market. This narrows down rivalry to only firms, offering a similar niche product. Based on Michael Porter’s analysis of marketing strategies for businesses to achieve advantage, differentiation strategy is most suited for Omache Farm, as it has unique sources to present its’ products, as exclusive in the broad market segment within the local community. Unusual variety of vegetables and a broad diversity of different sorts of tomatoes, pumpkins, salads, beans, zucchinis, to name a few, of those grown organically at the farm, can cater for their customers’ demands, as opposed to supermarkets which are most likely to offer generic types of vegetables of only several varieties.

Another farm product, livestock, has potential for very distinct differentiation marketing, as it is a rare heritage breed of sheep, unique to this farm. Other services enhancing uniqueness of the farm is hand-spun yarn form the same animals’ wool, and a broad selection of cooking recipes, offered on the company’s website and, undoubtedly, face to face during the sales at the two local markets.

Cost-effective production includes using water irrigation tubes for the plants and charged wire for keeping the animals within their confined areas. This increases the amount of time for expanding the services, offered as unique products. Educational services and tours of the farm, internships, local newsletter and the website help to create a holistic approach in promoting the healthy lifestyle.

The young entrepreneurs have established their client base and can look into taking on board a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme to attract funds, attract more customers and efficiently use a low-season part of the year for marketing. Omache Farm has potential for successful implementation of CSA due to the vast variety of unique vegetables and livestock. This provides opportunity to combine their products and create custom boxes of produce, as well as deepen their relationships with the customers. As stated in LocalHarvest website article, in some areas, there is more community demand than there are CSA farms to fill it, so Omache Farm has good potential and is already well equipped to participate in such a scheme.

To sum up, this approach to food provision is creating a sense of community, well-being, enhancing family values and healthy lifestyle for the customers. Omache Farm can start co-operating with the other similar farms for joint CSA participation. In the future, it can provide training and seminars to those who will be looking into starting a similar business. Product differentiation here comprises unique products, as well as uniqueness of approach to the future in agriculture, especially with the current global concerns, in relation to mass production and GMO in food products.

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