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What we are more familiar with are recliners – you must be having one in your living room or at your bedside. However, there are some basic differences between lift chairs and recliners. A lift chair is primarily a piece of medical equipment that is also commercially known by the names – 3-position recliners or power-lift recliners.

A lift chair necessarily contains a few more features than the casual recliners that you have at home. Lift chairs are most suitable for patients as both their base and back can be inclined enough to let the user rest in a lying-down position. Also, they can be brought forward enough to help the person attain the upright (or standing) posture. Candidates with a lower-body injury or a recent cardiovascular surgery often require a lift chair.

Founded in 2010, Garner Supply is a US-based company providing durable medical supplies and healthcare products for home delivery. We also provide our valued customers with additional information on medical devices and how to use them efficiently to live their best lives.

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Many people nowadays are working in the office. This is because when covid came in 2019, information technology (IT), Software Houses, and Office work increased daily. Due to the pandemic, many people have started freelancing. When you start working in a professional environment, you must give time to your office. You have to give 9-10 hours of a shift in a day when working professionally.

When people start working in an office, they feel good because they do all their work on the computer or laptop, just sitting on a chair. As time passes, this pleasure becomes a pain in several parts of the body, like the eyes and back. Armrests, therefore I have found a solution after spending lots of time in this environment, and now we are here to guide others on this topic that we have researched, i.e., the best office chair for upper back and neck pain.

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