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  Bizmolecules is a hiring agency who organizes  lateral hiring processes in which candidates apply for high-level posts in a highly competitive industry. 


       What is lateral hiring?or Lateral hiring meaning or is a process of hiring qualified candidates for comparable positions.

This process is also known as a specialized post or position.

Lateral recruitment in bizmolecules process of recruiting industry specialists for high- level post in a highly competitive industry.

The Domain of HR executives or external search specialists is lateral recruitment. This is no hire if you are working on  lateral hiring projects, everything that comprises the standard hiring process goes out the window.

That's how  it's meant  to be because your whole approach has to be different. The Process of lateral hiring is different in some companies. 

Some companies do not inform, contact ,or treat new employees well and new employees start  to feel unwanted.  This lateral recruitment turns into the wrong lateral process.  The bizmolecules company has a great process.  If they hire new employees. They have strategies on how  to introduce a new employee to a company.


1.welcome- They  welcome their  new employee personally through phone call or Email. Our senior manager takes this responsibility and personally calls the new hire employee.

  1. Inform-  make sure new employees have all the access to do their job. Know  about their job responsibilities and relevant files.

  1. Connect- Assign a mentor to a new employee who guides him/her. Tell them their projects and roles.

  1. Involve- All the employees have to be involved in every activity of the company . they will be aware of all the activities.

5.Grow- Always take feedback from new employees to improve your recent strategies.


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