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Hong Kong Disneyland (local nickname HKDL, also known as HK Disneyland) is a theme park located in a landfill in Penny’s Bay on Lantau Island. Located at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, owned and managed by Hong Kong International Theme Park. The park has 34,000 visitors per day. This is the lowest park in Disneyland Park. The park attracted 5.2 million visitors in the first year, below the target of 5.6 million.

Since the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland, the theme park has been visited by more than 25 million guests.

Klook Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Offers 2022

Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

Unlike other Disney resorts, Hong Kong Disneyland is very easy to tour. It is easy to connect to the city by subway, but it’s compact and uncrowded so that you can see the best attractions within 6 hours. Ticket prices for Disneyland Hong Kong are HK$639 for adults (valid for one day). And HK$475 for children ages 3-11.

Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price promotion

A one-day ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland costs HK$639, but you can book here for HK$578. If you’re looking for promotional tickets, book a special 2-day fun package here! Includes a 2-day Hong Kong Disneyland ticket and a special coupon package for shops and snack bars. You can also get additional discounts with the use of Klook coupon codes.

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