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From what I understand, M2 teaches that we should try to build sources of passive income but I am struggling a little bit to understand how exactly that works with stock market investing. I completely understand it with real estate because there is a check that comes to you every month from rent payments, but the only thing I know that is  similar to that in the stock market is by earning dividends. So is the idea to invest for dividend income or am missing something? Obviously if I bought a non-dividend stock and it went up in value I could sell it and take a profit from it but then I lose that value in the market and that seems to be investing more for the short term than the long term. Any ideas?

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Hi @Landon Martin, we actually published a complete guide on this a little while back:

But essentially, if you wanted to gain passive income with stock market investing, you would have to invest in a company that offers its stockholders a dividend. Invest in enough companies that provide a dividend and you'll basically be paid for owning shares, AND you'll have the value of the stock you can sell at any time.

Hope this helps!


In addition to generating PI from Stock Dividends look into other sources that can generate PI. Like writing a novel, blogging,/writing reviews or starting a small business. This way you can diversity your sources which can lead to funneling PI your way from multiple sources.  Of course one can get PI from (1) source but you would have to invest heavenly in that (1) source and if it doesn't go as planned (since investing has it's peaks and valleys) you will find yourself in a position where your PI fluctuates in a manner that may or may not hit your PI goal. Just something to consider since investing and PI and all this money handling stuff is extremely personal. You will find your way which fits your lifestyle and your goals.

Have fun figuring it out and more importantly persistent and persevere to financial freedom! We are routing for you @Landon Martin.

Keep us posted next year on your progress to keep us all motivated.



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