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World-famous Authors are all on Wikipedia if we have anything to know about them we just need to click on google and type the best writer, we get the result but what about the writer who has written a beautiful book but nobody knows about them it is better to promote your work so you will get the best result, 1st look for  custom Wikipedia page creation service, who can help you in the creation of your 1st Wikipedia page


There are many authors in my favorites list. My favorite author is Charles Delint. When I will have a chance to meet him, I would love to ask him a few questions I have in my mind. few of them are, Q: What part of the book did you have the hardest time writing? And Q: What part of the book was the most fun to write?

Another thing I would like to add here, I am working with this Client, and he's planning to launch his book on the project management journey. His book is recently completed by a book writing firm in USA. I would love to hear the ideas/tips regarding the marketing plan & how to publish it on platforms like kindle etc.

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