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By following the recommendations and tips below, you will be able to make your written work the most interesting and get a good score for it on the exam

The main tip is to write your text in a structured way.
The structure above is universal. The text is unlikely to score high if you do not follow it. Therefore, it is recommended to express thoughts in this form in order to get good grades.

Making a plan before writing
Use a draft, in order to write an essay in English as well as possible after getting the topic write out the thoughts that come to mind, think about what you would like to write and how to do it and make a mini plan, in which a phrase or word will point to this or that thought.

Familiarize yourself with many topics so that you are prepared for everything
The essay is more of a test of your erudition than how well you speak English. That’s why it’s better to prepare yourself in advance: study various topics that are current in the world, increase your vocabulary and improve your general level of knowledge. Writing an essay in English is not an easy task.

Allocate your time wisely
Another tip is to allocate your time properly to plan, write and check your essay. It is often the last part that applicants do not have enough time for. And many, sometimes the most obvious mistakes, are left uncorrected.

Use an appropriate style of speech when writing your paper
Do not use different slang expressions, unrecognized neologisms, strange word forms. Writing style: formal or semi-formal.

Keep to the set length of the text
Often in an exam, you want to write as much as possible, proving to the examiners that you know a lot. However, this does not help when writing an essay. If you don’t stick to the length given by the committee, your grade will be lowered. The examiner will think that you just can’t express yourself succinctly.

Provide strong arguments to support your conclusions
Writing an essay in English involves reasoning. When you write about some fact, conclusion, give your thought or judgment, it is a good idea to add some examples to support it. You can give some data of statistics or scientific research. It all depends on the level of your erudition.

Write interestingly, using interesting grammatical and lexical forms.
You should be able to write a really good and interesting text that you can read with pleasure. You should show that you have a good command of written English, you know the structure of the essay in English, how to express it correctly in grammatical forms. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting into university.

Be correct
If your work concerns political, religious topics, it is worth expressing your thoughts and ideas correctly so as not to offend anyone. Be tolerant in keeping and stating your views. You should not be overly emotional when writing a paper.

These are basic tips that will help make your admissions paper most appealing to examiners. There are different kinds of English essays, but these tips will be useful for any of them.

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