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Before you begin

Have you carefully read the relevant literature? (key articles and book chapters; case studies, if needed; other relevant sources).

Do you have sufficiently detailed and organized my perfect paper reviews?

Have you read the question carefully? Have you thought through what the approach to the problem will be and how it will be defended?

Structure of the essay

Have you developed an argument?

Have you prepared a writing plan according to the stages of the argument?

Do you have a good system of subheadings (related sequence)?

Essay writing

Does the essay meet the following requirements:

Is the introduction concise and relevant to the topic? Does it include points such as: a rationale for choosing the approach you use; having a brief definition of all basic terminology according to your intentions for their use?

Do you follow a system of subheadings?

Do you formulate one clear main question in each paragraph?

Are the paragraphs presented in a logical sequence?

Do you use evidence effectively?

Do you make proper references to sources?

Do you avoid repetition? Excessive generalization? Descriptions without analysis or argumentation? Summarizing other points of view without stating your own point of view and justifying it?

Is your conclusion concise and relevant?

Do you indicate any other (broader) applications and implication of the topic you are investigating?

Essay Review

Have you reread your essay, paying particular attention to the points above (item 3)?

Have you checked how the essay answers the questions posed?

Have you checked the style of your work and have you made any changes in style? References, footnotes?

Have you compiled a bibliography/list of references and references used?

Turning in the essay

Did you do any proofreading?

Have you organized your time so that you can turn in your work on the due date? Do you know how you would like to improve the essay if you had the opportunity? (Try to write this down briefly and compare it with the results of your paper review. Review the instructor's notes attached to your work.)

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