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Affect and effect having different meanings, definitions, and impacts too.

So let's understand both,

Definition of effect or affect  

It is used as a verb, and its meaning is so simple to act on, change and have an impact on something. And some of the examples on it, The building's furniture was affected by heavy rain.

street shop food will be affected by lockdown.

What about the effect, it is used as a noun having a different meaning from the effect it is a consequence or maybe result in an example of the effect. People must understand the serious effects of the drink, chocolate effect the cake and online education hurts students' marks in the final examination.

Here I am sharing with you a list of Emotive Language Adjectives 2022.Which helps you to describe someone's feelings or emotions too. Language seems very dull if we use it without grammar. It helps to better communicate with others in a way of formal or informal. Adjectives for feelings are sad, happy, irritating, joy, pride, hope, and gratitude. These things help to understand people without their words. Hope you like my advice.

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