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How many times has it happened that you are scrolling through the never-ending reels on Instagram and you have come across a video that says, “Don’t reverse this video” or ” Reverse this video to do this”.

Snapchat Can Reverse Videos

Well, that has happened to me plenty of times and I was stumped until I realized that I already have the app to get this video in reverse and it’s not an editing app. I am talking about Snapchat. Snapchat has a video reverse filter!

How Do I Reverse A Video?

Shooting a video and reversing

  1. To begin open Snapchat and shoot a video.
  2. Once you have shot the video check the video for any errors
  3. Now swipe left on the video ( Yeah i know swiping left hurts!)
  4. Continue Swiping left until three arrows appear in the centre pointing towards the left.

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There are a few ways to reverse Snapchat videos. The first way is to do it manually by using a screenshot app such as nerdle or Octordle. With either of these apps, you'll be able to cut the video and use your image editing software to reverse the video. Another way to reverse Snapchat videos is through an app like VideoReverse. This app automatically takes a video and turns it into a GIF. It then allows you to reverse the video by sliding back and forth between different frames of the video until you get the desired result.


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