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It might seem that an essay is the same as myhomeworkdone review only in profile. In fact, it is not. There are at least two striking differences:

  • In an essay, you analyze a work of fiction. And an essay goes further and contains the author's point of view, his position on the problem at hand.
  • An essay is a brighter and freer format. Since the goal is to impress the reader, it is not a sin to use vivid images and statements that may seem paradoxical.

Useful Tips

Now you can use the very words that strict Word emphasizes (crack, slap, maloholic, etc.).

You're free, your goal is to get into your words and set the reader up for a heartfelt conversation.

You can start at the end! You don't have to follow the right structure at all.

Write more simply, in short sentences, so that the text is dynamic enough and easy to read.

Don't use complicated and incomprehensible words, only if it doesn't make much sense.

Use fewer general phrases. The essay is your author's statement. So everything should be concise and to the point, without water.

Do not go too much with humor. It can be misunderstood, or even offended.

To confirm your point of view and convince the reader, refer to personal impressions, memories and experiences.

It is cool to refer in your essay to some facts and studies. This way your statement will be more weighty and convincing.

Follow the rules of text reading and listen to your inner voice - these two components will help you succeed! And if you don't have any desire to write an essay, Multivolume specialists can help you.

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