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Activating your Hulu account is similar to enrolling a new device with the service. Let's assume you watch most of your programmes and movies on your smartphone, and then one day you buy a smart TV and want to view your favourite movie in high definition on a big screen. To begin, go to Hulu's official website and log in with your Hulu Username and Password. Once you've logged in, select your device and input the "Hulu activation code.

To activate Hulu, go to and input the Hulu activation code. If you want to view Hulu on your TV, you must first launch the Hulu app to obtain your unique code. Every time you try to log into your Hulu account on a different device, the Hulu activation code will be shown on the Hulu mobile application. Once you've obtained the code, simply input it at to finish the procedure. If you're having trouble following the activation procedure, we've broken it down for you step by step.

* Turn on your smart TV's Hulu activation.

* Go to your Hulu account and sign in.

* If you're a first-time user, you'll need to establish a new Hulu account.

* A six-digit number will appear after you log in to your Hulu account.

* Write down the code; it's your Hulu activation code, and you'll need it to get your Hulu device activated.

* In your favourite browser, go to

* Type in the Hulu activation code, which is “FR329K.”

* To access your account, click the activation button.

* Your new device will be activated in your Hulu account within 25-30 seconds.

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