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Data science is poised to see a whopping demand that it will be the top job position by the year 2025 with Data analysts and Data scientists leading as put forward in the resort - Future of Jobs by the World Economic Forum's published in 2020. Employers are ready to pay a premium, along with other advantages and long-term incentives, to attract and retain data scientists and data engineers as a result of the pandemic-driven digital transformation.

Learners and professionals in STEM subjects are not the only ones who can benefit from data science. Companies all around the world are building data science teams with expertise from a variety of sectors, including social sciences, in addition to typical recruits like computer scientists, allowing a varied collection of professionals to gain data science roles.

Pursuing a data science career then sounds a lot promising and remarkable.

Become Data Scientist through Online Courses

If you are wondering if an online data science course can pave the way to a successful data science job, you sure can. The world of online training has opened up manifold opportunities for aspiring professionals. Let us get into the nitty-gritty of how to become data scientists using online education.

For the record, online courses do not instantly turn you into a data scientist. It is your starting point and online classes will assist you in getting started and further advancing into the career. Online courses are a terrific way of beginning your professional journey as they impart accurate, well-designed, and job-target training, giving you all the necessary education.

How does Online Education Help in becoming a Data scientist?

A fundamental part of pursuing a profession is knowing what the job entails and the roles and responsibilities that come with the position.

A data scientist, essentially, collects and analyzes data with the purpose of obtaining a conclusion. To accomplish this humongous task, a variety of methods are employed by data scientists.

They may display the data in a visual context, or data visualization, identifying clear data trends that might otherwise go unnoticed if the presentation of data is made on a spreadsheet in hard numbers.

Data scientists construct sophisticated algorithms to spot patterns, gather information from a maze of statistics and numbers, and generate data that is useful to a firm or organization. At its most fundamental level, data science is the process of finding meaning in enormous amounts of data.

A comprehensive guide on how to become a data scientist using online education

It might be of interest to know that prospective professionals can prepare for an entry-level position like data Analyst with an online data science training course of a minimum of 64 hours. However, the program also entails maximum effort and commitment from the participants. Given the relevance and viability of online training, numerous institutions now cater to the need of aspirants by offering online courses for data science. The trick is to begin smart and begin right with the right kind of course and training.

Below are a few of the most essential courses for data science that aspirants must make sure to get started with.

Data Science with Python

Python has become programmers, Developers, and Data Scientist's go-to programming language. The excellent libraries ideal for data science in Python makes it a winner. Python's popularity in the scientific and research fields stems from its ease of use and straightforward syntax, which makes it simple to learn even for persons without an engineering background.

Online courses available at:

  • University of Michigan -  Python Programming for Everyone

  • IBM- Python for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Development

Statistics for Data Science

Statistics is a crucial tool for data scientists, who are expected to collect, analyze, and report on vast volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Online course:

  • Johns Hopkins University- Statistical Inference

Machine learning for Data science

Machine Learning is one essential tool to automate data analysis and provide real-time data-driven predictions without requiring human intervention. In order to produce real-time predictions, a data model is developed and trained automatically. Machine learning algorithms are an indispensable application in the data science lifecycle.

Courses available online at:

  • Standford University: Machine Learning

  • Machine Intelligence Institute, University of Alberta: Machine Learning Algorithms: Supervised Learning Tip to Tail 

  • LearnQuest: Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Models and Limitations

Probability and statistics

Learn about sampling and data exploration, as well as Bayes Rule and probability theory. Get to learn how to look at different sorts of sampling strategies and talk about how they affect the breadth of inference.

Courses available online at:

  • University of London: Probability and Statistics

  • Duke University: Introduction to Probability & Data with R

SQL for Data Science

To work with structured data, a Data Scientist requires SQL. Relational databases are employed for storing structured data. Consequently, familiarity with SQL commands for querying these databases is an essential skill that data scientists must-have.

Courses available online at:

  • University of California, Davis- SQL for Data Science

  • IBM - Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python

  • The University of Michigan- Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)

Data Management

A data scientist is required to be adept at successfully generating, storing, processing, analyzing, and utilizing the data to amplify the value of data. Some of the instances of data management applications include data security management, data quality management, and metadata management.

Online courses for data science for this particular skill:

  • Wesleyan University: Data Management and Visualization

  • Google: Prepare Data for Exploration

That was a brief overview of how to become a data scientist using online education. Accessing and getting training through these courses will surely benefit you and smoothen your path to be successful in your endeavour.

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