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Test your reflexes in-game new, try not to hit obstacles, and complete the journey with superb skills. Geometry dash is a free full version game that can be played on computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.  The action-platformer includes a level editor system that allows players to create their own levels to share with others.

While the first few levels are rather simple, the latter ones are considerably more difficult to master and need substantial memorization as well as rapid reflexes and reactions. Each level provides a new form of gameplay, such as a gateway that changes your gravity or converts your cube into an arrow that waves up and down the screen. The levels are created in a vintage manner, with more modern and intricate design features appearing in later levels. You may also use the level editor to build your own levels, which you can then share with other players.

Overview of Geometry Dash:
You don’t need any prior knowledge of geometry to play the famous Geometry Dash game. The game’s name was simply inspired by the many geometrical forms present across the various stages. The goal of the game is to leap over many spikes and other hazards while attempting to complete each level. Geometry Dash is classified as a “rhythm-based platform game” since you can escape the majority of the spikes on your route by jumping to the beat of the music.

Geometry Dash Features:
Unlimited levels: There are 19 tough levels in the game, as well as a Level Creator option. This enables you to create, develop, and publish your own level to the game server for others to play.
Great soundtrack: Each level has its own beat that will not only keep you entertained while you play but will also guide you if you follow the rhythms and jump in time.
Personalize your icon: Choose from a plethora of possibilities to customize your character’s appearance.
Keep track of your progress using the following methods: Compare how far you’ve progressed on each stage to your pals.
Practice round: Each level includes a practice round that allows you to get a feel for the game without jeopardizing your own numbers.

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