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For this year's Spending Detox challenge, I'm choosing 3 challenges that will help me create a strong foundation for my mindset with money.

I chose:

#1 - 'No Spending' Zone

#2 - Create A Holiday Budget

#6 - Give the Gift of Time

For number one, I'm locking in, traditionally, the 4 biggest spending  days of the year: November 27th - November 30th. This encompasses Black Friday through Cyber Monday, which means I'll have to avoid those pesky sales this year. Why? Because if I can avoid spending money then, I'll be good to go for ANY sale seasons throughout the rest of 2021.

For number two, I'll need to create a budget for me and my family. I won't share the actual amount, but my budget will include all unnecessary purchases for things that I want for me and my family this year. That means I'll have to keep my necessary payments in mind, like bills, but I won't actually count that spending into my budget.

Lastly, for number three, I'm going to choose to give some gifts to my family that are not physical presents, but more like gifts of time and fun. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with family and friends this  year due to the pandemic, but I'm going to make this a priority for the next 30 days. (Also, I'm traditionally a terrible gift giver, so I'll have to get creative!)

I'll use this post to keep you all updated with how I'm doing each week!

What do you think of my choices? Let me know below!


Okay, so, I decided to not spend any money from Black Friday through Cyber Monday of this year. I did not realize how tough this would be...

There was so many things that I wanted to buy that weekend I almost lost the challenge I think 100 times lol. However, I stuck it out, and didn't spend any unnecessary money on those days and now I have a ton of cash in my bank account to add onto for 2021 or invest next year, while the rest of my friends are complaining that they don't have money anymore, or that they sat outside in the cold for 8 hours trying to buy a PS5, and didn't even get one, anyway.

Instead of shopping that weekend, I decided to figure out what my holiday shopping budget for this year was going to be. So, I set down, and organized everything into a spreadsheet, (don't judge!) and my outlook is SO much better than what I normally do every year, which is just start shopping and try to keep everything in my head because it's "easier." This method of organizing who & what you'll be shopping for each season may take a little more effort and work from you up front, but the results speak for themselves when you don't have to constantly check your shopping cart trying to figure out who you've already bought for this year.

Finally, I'm spending this weekend with my parents & siblings as a way to really give them the gift of my time this year. 2020 has been crazy and I've barely seen anyone at all, so I've done my best to stay indoors for the past two weeks, and limit my contact, so that I can have one long weekend to relax, catch up, and maybe bake some holiday treats with my family!

The Spending Detox was a great way for me to start building healthy habits between myself & my money this year that I never saw coming. Oh, and I even actually did some legit planning during the holidays this year, for the first time in, well, forever! I'll definitely be trying the other challenges next year and I hope your Detox went just as well, if not better than mine!

Happy holidays everyone!😁🎄🎄


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