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In its most basic form, it is a fantastic plan that makes a lot of sense because students working in groups to solve problems, with teachers only serving as facilitators, appear ideal.

But, unfortunately, it isn't that simple.

CPM is not a program that many students in lower math levels prefer, and it has mixed results for students in higher math levels, with some kids finding it beneficial and others struggling to succeed.

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In a classroom, students are usually divided into groups of four, with a task manager, recorder/reporter, facilitator, and resource manager. The teacher reviews the core concept before leaving the class to solve a small number of increasingly difficult problems. The entire functionality of this method is dependent on at least one of the four students comprehending and sharing the information provided. However, this method is idealistic and simply does not work.

Does CPM Work? Definition By Expert!

As a student in the CPM program from Precalculus to AP Calculus BC, I can tell you that the classroom environment does not work like the idealistic model presented above. There are usually one or two groups in which no single student understands the concept. Most classes have three to four students who are mathematically gifted and understand all of the concepts being taught, but they are also students who struggle to communicate effectively with their classmates.

For the past three years, I've struggled with math and been in groups with people who understand the subject but can't explain their reasoning.

CPM is not a programme that benefits students, especially those new to the program like me. It leads to a breakdown in communication and increased confusion.

While my own experiences have been in higher-level CPM classes, where opinions are mixed, I have also tutored many students in lower math classes, where CPM's flaws are most visible. I've had several clients who simply do not comprehend the lengthy and complicated word problems presented in textbooks. Some students complain that some lessons were taught too quickly and that they have gaps in their mathematical knowledge that make understanding more difficult concepts difficult.

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