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Cookie Clicker is an incremental online game where you will discover countless precious items to build your very own amazing pastry shop.

When you achieve the required amount of cookies, the following changes will be displayed:

  • CURSOR: After you've collected 15 cookies. GRANDMA: When you reach 100 cookies, it auto-clicks once every 10 seconds. A kind grandmother will appear and bake more cookies for you. This kind lady will help you expand your cookie company; your cookies will become more famous in the neighborhood, and your goods will become well-known throughout the city.
  • FARM: Take your business to the next level by purchasing a cookie farm.
  • MINE: to get biscuits from the depths of the Earth
  • FACTORY: After you've harvested a large number of cookies from the mine, you'll need to build up your cookie production.
  • Becoming well-known, as well as the cookie ECONOMY changes the world around it - chocolate pollutes rivers, and obesity is on the rise.
  • However, people all across the world are too addicted to cookies to give up - experts claim that "cookies pervade the economy" and that "we cannot live without cookies."
  • The cookie has become so popular that all BANKS have adopted it as a form of payment.
  • Thousands of people prayed for Baker at TEMPLES. There is no value, no purpose in anything other than cookies, and when you can make hundreds of thousands of cookies each second, things start to get out of hand.
  • To summon cookies, you must construct WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS at the following level.
  • After that, you'll take SHIPMENTS from Earth to extraterrestrial worlds.
  • After that, you may open additional PORTALS to parallel dimensions, allowing you to accept millions of cookies per second to meet your requirements.

There is no "victory" state in Cookie Clicker, but participants can play for as long as they desire. As a result, these strategies are designed to help you advance faster and aren't necessary for a casual player.

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