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Assuming going with something too delicate to even think about checking in or putting in the overhead canister of the airplane, you have the choice of buying a ticket for your delicate thing. To squeeze into the seat, your delicate thing should meet the underneath rules -

- It ought not to weigh in excess of 45 kg

- It ought not to limit admittance to, or utilization of, any necessary crisis or ways out or isle of the lodge

- It ought not to conceal any traveler's perspective on the safety belt, no smoking, or leave signs.

- Begotten with a safety belt to try not to move during the flight.

- Be bundled or covered securely to stay away from likely injury to travelers.

- Begotten in a seat in a similar lodge as the proprietor, and ideally close to the proprietor.

Delta Airlines Office Beirut

Delta Airlines Office Beirut Address for Reservations

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