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At Pacifica Med Spa Camarillo, it is our mission to provide our clients with customized treatments and procedures that are safe and effective, in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. We offer the latest skin care and anti-aging procedures. With skilled medical professionals and beauty therapists, we excel in providing effective skin care services with optimum results.

Our various skin care lines, facial treatments, dermal fillers & laser procedures are effective for addressing aging, sun-damaged or problem skin. We offer complimentary evaluations with our Aesthetic Nurses and Aestheticians, a time well spent for creating a customized program that fits your individual needs.

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Esthetician school nyc is Lux! I came here as a complete novice in this field. She took courses in nail stylist, hardware and nail file manicure. The study takes place in a family-friendly atmosphere, equipment and materials of the premium segment, not every salon can boast of this. Constant practice on models under the guidance of highly qualified teachers who are always there. Great emphasis on cleanliness and sterility. And a huge bonus in the form of internships!!!


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