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I'm pretty new to investing, but here it is so far.

VTI: 48.55%

ARKK: 12.53%

ICLN: 10.51%

AAPL: 4.69%

MSFT: 8.39%

TSLA: 6.45%

SQ: 2.46%

V: 2.75%

AMD: 4.38%

Ideally, I would like VTI to be 45%, ARKK & and ICLN to be 15%, though I plan on getting out of ICLN and into QCLN. AAPL, MSFT, TSLA, SQ at 5%, and V & AMD at 2.5%.

I am not too confident in V and AMD which is why I have them at low percentages. I understand that they are companies worth having long term, but it doesn't make me comfortable having a larger position in them until I learn how to analyze companies. The other individual holdings are companies I believe in for the long term. Any advice is appreciated!

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