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The first test of entering Lhasa is to adapt to the challenges brought by the plateau. First of all, all steps must be kept at the slowest pace, walking, eating, and even speaking slowly. This is not difficult for us who practice yoga on weekdays and can adapt to a slow life. What's more interesting is that once someone tells a joke, they have to remind each other not to laugh, but to slowly "ha...ha..." laugh, which makes people more irritable to laugh.

After leaving Lhasa, the scenery I saw was a mountain stretching to the next, as if it had no end; the lake I saw would be considered the sea, vast and boundless. Every corner can make people find a calm atmosphere and the power of existence. The vastness of Yanghu Lake, the combination of water and mountains, the majesty and majesty of Gang Rinpoche, the mystery and majesty of Mapang Yuncuo, the majestic and majestic Mt. Or meditation, you can always feel the resonance with the heavens and the earth, the mysterious power surrounded by the universe. No wonder someone said, "You can't die before you go to Tibet, you don't want to die if you have been to Tibet!"

On the ninth day of the itinerary, enter the highlight of the journey-Zhuanshan (Mount Gang Rinpoche). For a yogi, the ultimate performance of movement practice is to enter a state of Tibet meditation. Tibet meditation is not for ordinary people to just sit quietly and do nothing. Meditation retreats in Tibet are a complete connection between me and the consciousness itself or the action itself. , Is it a heightened realm of concentration and awareness? As a yogi, I travel around Gang Rinpoche in this state. I walked around the mountain and turned into a mountain, I walked in the mountain, and the mountain walked me.

It is not easy to walk 54 kilometers at a high altitude of four or five thousand in two days. The oxygen is so low that it can hardly change the breath. However, just like doing yoga, the body is very sore and tight, and you may give up in the next moment, but as long as you return to your breathing, it seems that you have regained plenty of energy and have the motivation to continue. Therefore, from a certain angle, turning a mountain can also be a deep yoga meditation.

Life is very busy, no matter how busy you are, you should give yourself time and space to breathe. The last stage of yoga practice is the "great rest". The great rest is not only rest but also an opportunity to reintegrate the inner energy. I chose Tibet, a place with such a pure frequency of energy vibration. Here, it is possible to meet a completely real self that you have never met before, just like in yoga practice.

Note 1: The first master who brought Kundalini Yoga from India to the West in 1968 and spread to the whole world. Through the combination of yoga, science, and spirituality, help the world reach the 3H realm of Healthy, Happy, and Holy.

Note 2: Every person has a completely pure nature, the id, and the original essence of the universe. Once the coverage is cleared, the inner and the true self when you meet, you can understand the meaning of life.

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