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The Minority Mindset's Spending Detox Challenge: Can You Save It?

Spending during the holidays: Year after year, the holidays slowly shift from joyful winter glee, to a race to see who can spend the most money. Retailers all vying for your attention, with bargain gifts abound, and who can forget a present for your step-mom, cousins, siblings, friends and the pup or kitty. It's no wonder why people feel drained and spent come January 1st! But, what if there was a better way to keep more money in your wallet this holiday season, without losing any of that same winter cheer?

That's where we come in! Introducing the official Minority Mindset Spending Detox! From now until December 10th, we challenge YOU to save and invest more this holiday season, instead of spending your money of gifts that probably won't last a year. Why? Because while the rest of the world is spending over the next month, we want you to save and start to rethink holiday shopping. And if you buff-up your finances now, you'll not only have more money for 2021, you'll have the mindset of savings ready to go whenever you may need it.

So what are you waiting for? Join our #SpendingDetox Challenge and start saving this holiday season by reading the 7 ways you can save on our blog, here:

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