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Reply to "Paying Off a Mortgage"

It's an interesting debate. Say if your mortgage rate is 2%, is it worth putting an extra $1000/mo when you could be putting that into an investment portfolio, which will *likely* yield greater than 2% over the course of 10 years?

I have decided to NOT pay down the mortgage, but put these extra savings into investments with the goal of pulling out to pay off the mortgage in 5 years. I've decided this for two reasons:

1) Assuming the investments go up 5-10%, that's a few more thousand dollars going towards your mortgage

2) When I put money into my mortgage, it's gone (unless I get a HELOC or sell). In the event of an an emergency I can take out any surplus interest I've gained through my investments, and I would be basically net with putting the amount in the mortgage in the first place.

The difficult part here is the discipline to not touch it. If you've got that under control then this (to me) is the best option.