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Paying for Medical School


I'm a recent undergraduate college grad, and I want to go to medical school. I graduated in May 2019 with $65k debt and as of today it stands at ~$22k. I should be able to pay off the rest before April (Thankfully)

My complication with medical school is this: I have DACA, which exposes me to deportation, especially if the new supreme court reverses the decision made earlier this year to protect the program. If that happens then whoever cosigns my med school student loans (my family) will be left with a staggering debt with no means to pay it off.

For that reason, I want to save up the money to pay for med school myself. I'm aware it might take many years.

I provided my background because the advice i generally get is: JUST GET A LOAN, but now you can see that it is not that simple.

Now that that's out of the way, my question is: What is the best 529 plan that suits my situation, so that my contributions can grow by the time I go to med school? My time horizon is ~ 3-5 years

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