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Reply to "Long Term Strategy vs Risky Short Term Returns"

you both touch on a point: invest in 401K as much as your employer matches is the general advice. Tend to agree, however there are additional options to continue on 401k without matching. Something else mentioned is the idea of taxable retirement income vs non taxable (Roth).

So thinking this is my action plan:

In my circumstances I am past the beginning steps: 2k emergency fund, 8 month expenses liquid savings, no student, car or CC debt, no debt at all till I buy a home.

401K up to employer matching (complete)

Roth 401K - up to max able to contribute (19.5K yearly, 2 year plan to get to this point)

within 2 years:

Fundrise - $1k boost yearly (bonus or other hustle) , $100 monthly

M1 or webull - investing stock market (unsure of amounts or strategy yet)

after all the above: ???