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Is Music Evolving, or Is It Just Getting Louder?

I love instrumental music as it is my passion. However, new genres and samples also evoke positive emotions in me. How music has changed over the decades? Are the songs better, or is the music degrading? I looked for answers to these questions for a long time until I saw an interesting article on the net.

Music has become less acoustic. Instead, modern musicians mainly use samples and emulation of musical instruments. This decision is partly logical because the process of creating a song can be shortened several times. Plus, digital technology is helping to simplify the songwriting process. Here is another aspect that is very important to me. Music has become more personal.

Musicians are now trying to share real stories with fans and create songs that reflect emotional experiences. For me, this is even more important than the main melody or rhythm. But why then does the structure of the songs become simpler? The point is that simple melodies and verses are easier to remember.

You've probably seen viral music videos on YouTube. Such content is memorized very quickly, and you can sing along when you hear the first notes. Music has become entertainment and a way to communicate emotions. So this is why so many people love to attend concerts. For me, this is a chance to abstract from reality and enjoy the music.

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