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Think before acting. Buying a property has a high frictional cost. You pay taxes to buy, and you pay commisions to realtors to sell unless you manage to sell yourself. Buying in another state is a huge hassle because when something goes wrong you have to pay someone else to deal with it.

If you yourself are renting, you could buy a place to live in first. Unless the place you live is far cheaper to rent.
If you are just getting started, the stock market is a more fluid way to build capital without the frictional costs. You can buy a small amount of an index fund each pay period. To buy property you need enough money for a downpayment, and you need to be fairly certain you can weather a financial storm.  So property should probably not be the first thing you buy, unless there is a particularly good deal and you are willing to take risks.

If you are renting, would buying a place save you money? Buying a place does have tax breaks, but if you are going to take the standard deduction anyway, they won't help you. The best way to save money on a place you live in is to live in an inexpensive place. So your intuition about buying a property and renting it out might make sense if you are living in an inexpensive rental, yet can buy a property and rent it out for more. But again, owning property is a far bigger entry than buying shares, so you should build up enough equity so you can handle your tenants not paying you for a few months before you buy something. And buying out of state seems like a management headache. It might also be a taxation headache. You might have to pay income tax in that state, dramatically complicating your taxes! Good luck